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Remediation of Contaminated Soil

The reasons for resulting a heavy contaminated site are numerous. Organic compound pollution, heavy metal pollution and combined pollution are caused by the relocating of chemical and coking plant, steel plant, pesticide plant, gas station as well as solid waste accumulation during mining, atmospheric precipitation, urban informal landfill and so on. Presence of toxic materials in soil is beyond the soil self-purification capacity, which results the transformation of soil physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Even it would harm human health.

All kinds of contaminated sites are becoming tough issues during the process of urbanization. Before restoring the function and changing to commercial and public facilities, these sites need to be remediated.

CSSDS has 15 years professional experience of soil remediation. CSSDS gained a group of talented “soil doctors” and dozens of invention patent technologies that are able to evaluate and assess soil contamination situation according to site type, hydrogeology and future land use requirements. To achieve the target value of remediation and minimize costs, CSSDS professionally selects physical, chemical and biological technology or combined technologies and equipments to remediate contaminated soil.