Treatment and Management of Solid Waste

Solid waste has wide sources, large amount, complex constitution, various form and property. Even it may contain substance that has toxicity, combustibility, explosibility, radioactivity, corrosivity, reactivity, infectivity and pathogenicity. Some substance is hard to degrade and discharge process is uncertain and concealing. These would harm resource, environment and human health.

CSSDS applies the integration collection & transportation management operation system, forming a complete industry chain including: solid waste collection and sorting-resources, recycling, transformation and transportation, landfill, cineration, composting treatment. Aiming at urban and rural domestic waste collection and treatment, the system provides a scientific, efficient and unified solution.

For informal landfill that does not meet the national construction and operation standard, CSSDS takes the lead in presenting a comprehensive treatment technology “screening decrement-recycling-blocking and refilling”, which secures the effective treatment of informal landfill. For accelerating formal landfill’s stabilization, CSSDS presents the technology “ageration-exhaust gas treatment-leachate extraction recharge” bioreactor based remediation technology. It accelerated the process of waste decomposing and stabilization, which reduces the influence on residents.