Comprehensive Control and Management of Watershed

Watershed contamination problems are becoming increasingly serious that need to be solved, including: city black and odorous water, water quality deterioration, drinking water resource pollution etc.

CSSDS applies multi-disciplines technology, forming a complete control system for hydroecology environment that includes technical consultation, interception of external contaminants, watershed treatment, ecological restoration and operations& management.

For remediation, CSSDS focuses on the improvement of waster quality and water self-purification capacity. Follow the timeline rule, CSSDS is aiming at building a whole biological chain, stereo ecological system and stable community of aquatic organism with aspects of multi-dimension and multi-species (micro-organism, hydrobiontes, offshore organism). Furthermore, it will help to maintain the hydrobiontes species and achieve the restoration and stabilization of hydro ecological system. Significantly improving the current issues involved the watershed management problem “single engineering based, greening depended, hard to maintain, easy to contaminated”. At the same time, CSSDS relies on its strong management system, sustains watershed environment stabilization and operations includes environment monitoring, environmental management and control, ecological assessment, risk control, emergency handling.