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Comprehensive Treatment of Farmland

Currently, farmland contamination is serious and widely spread, which covers a large area and involves many complicated contaminants. The usage of chemical fertilizer leads to soil compaction, hardness and poor permeability. Application of pesticides causes farmland contamination, due to a large mount of dosage, various type and long-term application. Agricultural mulch film is widely used, meanwhile the film is difficult to degrade and there is recycling point, directly reduces soil quality. Moreover, industrial waste and domestic waste would invade farmland and cause contamination. Wastewater irrigation, atmospheric precipitation, mining activities and transportation cause heavy metal input into farmland. These indirect contaminations also heavily harm plough.

In view of situations above, CSSDS presents the remediation solution of “stabilisation solidification-screening of low accumulator-agricultural administration”. Technologies include rhizosphere take-up control, in vivo transport control, foliar condition and farming structure optimisation”. Therefore, CSSDS is able to provide a detailed and comprehensive service for farmland and crops management.