Ecological Management of Mining Environment

Mining activities occupy a large area that being destroyed and contaminated, also changes regional stream structure, damage biodiversity, cause natural disasters such as: soil erosion, surface collapse, mudslide and landslide. These seriously affect health and safety of mining area and surrounding residents’ living. Therefore, it is important to carry out engineering and ecological management measures to restore damaged vegetation, contaminated soil and water in mining area.

CSSDS insists ”near-natural remediation”, adopts various technologies, including slope stabilisation and re-greening, land reclamation, soil erosion comprehensive control and landscape promotion. These aim at fasten recovery process of ecological function, achieve the green development “suit different measures to local conditions”. At the same time, CSSDS uses different technologies such as recycling precious metals, manufacturing building materials, stabilizing and refilling mine tailing materials to achieve reuse of slag and solid waste. Furthermore, CSSDS makes the best of remediated land to develop different kinds of energy and economic crops. It revitalizes the mining area economy and achieves sustainable development.